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April 30, 2018
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A trusted patient of Cataldo Family Dentistry, Meg, shares how she met Dr. Cataldo and why she's been a patient of over 15 years.

How did you first hear about Cataldo Family Dentistry?

Interestingly, I met Dr. Cataldo’s wife, Rosie, during jury duty in 2002. We were both pregnant. We had dinner together once jury duty was finished and I met her husband. Conveniently we both live in the west metro. Since we needed a dentist for our growing family, we began to see him and have stayed ever since.

He is very good with kids, personable and kind. He always has a smile on his face. My kids are relaxed by that. My daughter knows that her dental work needs to be done. She knows why he’s doing it. She talks her through it and that has helped ease her dental anxieties. You get a really nice warm vibe from him and that puts people at ease. The staff is great. They are fun, happy and personable. It is nice to be around that, especially for a dental office.   

What did you find as a result of choosing Dr. Cataldo as your family dentist?

I found a partner in a necessary area of my life. I feel very comfortable calling when I need something. For the emergencies that I’ve had, he was very kind and gracious to get me in on time. He listened to my suggestions and gave me a great solution. I had a chipped crown and he came up with a really quick temporary solution until we could spend more time on it. That was really helpful. Basically he stopped the pain. He never makes me feel like I’m an inconvenience and the staff is the same. The staff really reflects who he is.

Is there a specific aspect you like most about the office?

Everything’s done efficiently. I’ve never had a delay or any billing issues. Scheduling has always been right on. Everyone’s been flexible. I feel if I call, or have a need, it’s taken care of. I feel the staff is proactive in reminding me of appointment times. There’s never been a case where we’ve set something up and had to move it. It has always run like clockwork. It’s something I can always count on – the scheduling and the service.

Would you recommend Cataldo Family Dentistry to others?

Absolutely, 100 percent. I love it here. I don’t even consider going anywhere else. It’s not exactly convenient for us, but I would not consider going elsewhere. I really appreciate that you take all of my three kids at the same time. So I only have to pull them out of school one day. Their pediatrician only allows two at a time. I really appreciate that you can get my whole family in on one day. It’s really efficient.